What’s the secret to hosting
a successful retreat? 


  When you plan a retreat, a beautiful location, inspiring sessions and delicious food are important, but your participants are really there to learn from you.  

  Will you be stressing out over details, to-do lists, miscommunications and mixups?  

  OR, will you be confident, energized, and completely present for them?  


  That’s the difference Lean into Life Retreats makes.  

Let’s create an incredible journey together.

I'm Kristina

Over the past decade I’ve planned hundreds of successful events of all shapes and sizes, from million-dollar fundraisers to intimate board dinners. I know what it takes to plan an event with that “wow” factor and how to make it a memorable experience. I’ve learned that no matter the size or type of event, there are details that all great events have in common, and I am able to bring this expertise to your retreat. From the daily schedules and menus to event budget and pricing to all the small logistical details involved in planning a multi-day event, I have the insight and skills to turn your retreat into a life-changing journey for your clients. 


I decided to specialize in retreat planning after going on my own healing adventure and participating in a number of retreats. As a guest, I fully enjoyed the events, but the event planner inside me couldn’t help but analyze my experience and note what worked and what didn’t. When the retreat leader was able to fully focus on the attendees and be present in the moment, the difference in the energy and overall flow of events was remarkable. Organizing activities, coordinating vendors and outside consultants, and handling the individual needs of guests is a *big* job. Your guests are counting on you to set the tone for a peaceful, healing experience...and you don’t have to shoulder the burden of doing it on your own!

With my background in event design, planning, and production coupled with my passion for the wellness and self development industries, I am that perfect partner for you. I have both the knowledge and passion to help retreat leaders deliver the wisdom, creativity, and positive energy their participants crave in an environment that is at once relaxing and revitalizing for everyone involved---including you!

Why Plan a Retreat?

Have you considered planning a retreat but have no idea where to start? Have you already planned one but found the process so draining that you have been hesitant to try again? Don’t let these concerns stop you from taking your career to the next level! As the general public increasingly realizes the importance of self-care and the value of spending hard-earned money on experiences rather than material things, wellness retreats are becoming more and more popular --- making now the perfect time to turn your ideas into reality

after all, Retreats enable you to:
establish yourself as an expert in your field,

extend your circle of influence (and your client list), and 

Make anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 (or more!) in a week.

Results like these don’t happen by simply “winging it” and hoping for the best!

When we work together,
we’ll dig into the big questions, like:
What are your tangible, measurable goals for this retreat? 

Which clients do you envision attending your retreat? How can we appeal to  these clients and, ultimately, attract additional, equally desirable clients?

What type of experience will best help your clients reach their goals?

From that foundation, we’ll design a completely custom retreat that supports both your goals and theirs, creating an ideal space for growth.

And yes, you can afford this.

We will plan your pricing structure together to ensure you’ll stay within your budget, and we will work as a team so that your retreat is not only a professional success, but a financial one as well.


Let's Collaborate.

See what feels right to you.
package 1
Retreat Coach

I will coach you through the process of planning your retreat from conceptualization to production. Through a series of calls, we’ll work together to select the ideal location, theme, and price point for your retreat. Once the big-picture items have been settled, I’ll provide you with a detailed, point-by-point logistical to-do list to ensure your retreat is a success.*

package 2
retreat collaborator

Tell me your vision and I’ll develop the plan, negotiate contracts with venues and vendors, organize on-site transportation, liaise with venue management, assist in arranging menu selections and meeting spaces, and work with you to create marketing and pricing plans to ensure a successful event. Basically, I do everything but hop on the plane with you (but I’ll be on call should questions arise during your event!).*

package 3
Retreat Collaborator
on-site partner 

As in Package 2, I’ll be your retreat-planning guru---but as part of this package, I will join you on-site. You’ll have me on the ground handling anything and everything so you can focus completely on your clients. My expertise in planning and producing events allows me to anticipate needs, maintain positive vendor relationships, and take care of the many moving parts involved in an event as complex as a retreat.*

Custom package



Each retreat is as unique as its leader. Ask me about customizing a package just for you!

*Note on packages* 
I will offer guidance on marketing your retreat, but ultimately retreat leaders are responsible for filling their own retreats.

Let's Connect!

  Want to chat about how we can work together? I’d love to hear from you! 

Contact me using the form below, reach out by email at hello@LeanIntoLIfeRetreats.com  or  phone at (518) 258-4011.